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Mendix is the leading platform for creating and continuously improving mobile and web applications at unprecedented speed and scale. Start here to discover why Mendix was founded and what comprises the Mendix vision.
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App Lifecycle


The value of collaboration is strengthened through the Mendix Platform’s support for Agile requirements management. Learn about the Agile tools built into Mendix that will help you to manage your projects and teams effectively from day one.
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Developing in Mendix

Mendix is designed for a variety of users while providing powerful capabilities to developers for their day-to-day work. Understand how the platform enables you to build quickly with visual development tools and reuse dynamic app components.
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Mendix provides DevOps tools out of the box for CI/CD, test automation, and monitoring, among other services. Read how with the Mendix Platform’s DevOps capabilities, you will be able to bring together development, testing, and operations to build and release the applications your business needs.
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App Capabilities

UX & Multi-Channel Apps

Mendix helps you deliver the smooth and engaging user experience you need for your applications with an integrated visual development environment for building multi-channel apps. Discover how you can put the platform’s open, responsive, and extensible design framework to use while building amazing applications for any device.
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Data Management

Mendix applications can combine multiple sources of data to deliver new systems of differentiation and innovation. Read about how the Mendix Platform empowers you to manage your app’s data storage, optimize your data queries, and handle data security.
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Mendix supports integrating via data mapping, using JSON snippets, consuming REST and web services, publishing SOAP and OData services, and importing data from various sources. Learn more about how to integrate your Mendix app projects with external services.
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Mendix provides all the cloud deployment options you need and is fully optimized for compatibility with the latest cloud platforms and technologies. Running and deploying your Mendix app is easy, fast, and flexible. Read more about why cloud technology is at the core of the Mendix Platform.
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Enterprise Capabilities


The principles of the Mendix architecture are intertwined with the Mendix value principles of speed, collaboration, and control. This part of the Evaluation Guide describes the technologies behind the platform as well as how the Mendix architecture enables scalability, performance, and high availability.
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Openness & Extensibility

Mendix offers openness and extensibility at all levels, providing open model specifications and tools for platform extensibility. Mendix apps can be extended with reusable components as well as custom code while third-party testing services and automation servers are leveraged.
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As the leading hpApaaS provider, Mendix prioritizes the security of the platform itself, the applications built on the platform, and the cloud operations that run the platform. Read on for details about organization and compliance as well as platform, application, and cloud security.
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Strategic Partners
Mendix is a Solution Extension partner for SAP. You can use SAP data in your Mendix apps and integrate Mendix with SAP in many ways. Discover all the details of this exciting partnership.
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IBM has selected Mendix as the standard low-code development platform to be used on top of IBM Cloud. You can use various IBM services within Mendix and utilize all the features that make the Mendix Platform a natural fit on top of IBM Cloud.
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Evaluation & Learning


When evaluating all that the Mendix Platform has to offer, you need to understand how to start experimenting, how we support you now and in the future, and how to take advantage of the vibrant Mendix community. Review these important points in evaluating Mendix.
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Anyone with an idea can build an app on the platform, so Mendix provides a wealth of resources for getting started right away. Read more about how you can put online training, classroom sessions, documentation, and certifications to use to take your career to the next level.
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